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Dead Myth

Dungeoneer's Pack

Dungeoneer's Pack

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A color coordinated equipment pack for the daring adventurer.

Journal, Fountain pen, Dice & Pouch, Spell book

Additional Notes:
- All items are to scale in the first photo.
- Colors may slightly vary.
- The spell book is meant for business card sized inserts, spell cards are DIY.
- All items are made of faux leather.
- Customize your Journal with replacement pendants

I wanted to buy a journal set for my kids who have just started to get their feet wet in D&D. I noticed that there wasn't really any sort of starter pack available - so I went ahead and made one myself. This journal set is on the small side: it's meant to not take up a lot of valuable table space. It's still perfect enough size to jot down notes during an adventure. The fountain pen is awesome for immersion. I also created little spell cards and magical loot drops that fit into their spell books so they don't forget what they've come across along the way. Thanks for looking!
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